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Purejoy Design, or just.. Matt, is a seriously skilled 28 year old illustrator from Oxford. Matt has had a massive impact on Dotted from the very start of the brand through his unique neo traditional style. But it's not just the Dotted brand that Matt is squirting his creative flair on, he has worked with brands and bands from all over - and we had the pleasure of interviewing him about it all.
Who are some of the brands/bands you have worked with?
Some amazing brands, yours obviously haha. Bad Monday, Holehearted, NRTH, SOS, Traverse Clothing, too many brands to name! A couple of bands like I Cried Wolf and Bury Tomorrow. Always an honour to get picked to do something.
Bury Tomorrow Merch Hail No Hero Longsleeve Tee
Could you describe a bit about your style of art?
I'd guess you'd say it leans heavily on American traditional. Bold line and a limited colour pallet.
Traditional Gypsy Illustration Design
Who/what are your inspirations when drawing?
Music mostly. Bands like Alexisonfire, Bury Tomorrow, Vacant Home. I'll reuse their lyrics and add images to it.
Slave or a Snake Oldschool Clothing Design
How did you get into illustration? Have you always had a passion for art?
I studied graphic design at college. Always drew tattoos for friends and myself. So I learnt how to do it on Illustrator. But, yeah I love any art in general. My mum is a printmaker and her parents were art teachers so it was bound to happen!
Russian Doll Traditional Tattoo Style Clothing DesignTiger Nothing Lost Nothing Changed Traditional Tattoo Style Clothing DesignBandaged Woman Only Martyrs Are Remembered Traditional Clothing Design
I bet your house was just full of art!
Oh 100% haha.
So what tools do you use to create your designs? You have mentioned Illustrator, do you use a pad?
I don't. It's pretty much all Illustrator. I draw the design, scan it and redraw, then tidy up. I've tried the iPad but can never get a real feel for it.
Not only is this dude a real talent, but he is also a such a nice guy. If you want to check out his work, or even work with him, you can check him out here!
Here's what happens when OTDL and Purejoy Design have babies (with many more babies to come):
Purejoydesign x otdlclothing collaboration designs